Mara Oscar Cassiani

Website, performance, talk

19 November - 11 December 2020
Curated by Claudia D’Alonzo
For XL and Trentino Brand New
Centrale Fies Art Work Space

Performance in streaming | Tuesday 1 December
Talk online | Friday 11 December

With: Mara Oscar Cassiani in dialogue with Claudia D’alonzo and Maria Paola Zedda
Join Zoom Meeting (Time: Dec 11, 6.30 PM UTC +1)


Mount Bondone is a mountain in Western Trentino which characterises part of the territory and the landscape that Centrale Fies is part of. A popular destination for skiers and snowboarders, Mount Bondone is a place, among other sport sites, where post-digital artist Mara Oscar Cassiani moves beyond the unspoken limitations of her gender. On sky tracks as well as in many other places, she is among the few who ride a “surf snow”, a wide board conceived for wet snow and designed without edges, thus requiring a technique generally considered too hard for women. Hence, departing from her biography and following the stories of powerful androgynous avatars in the gaming world, the artist envisages a symbology and an appropriative ritual training in conjunction with the opening of the winter season rituals.

With the homonymous project Bondone, Mara Oscar Cassiani hybridises the traditions of Trentino with the folklores of the web, drawing on a cultural landscape that ranges from the snowboard community to fantasy videogames, activating an investigation on gender roles by appropriating collective imaginaries, rituals and the legacies of the Dionysian in contemporary times.

From the 19th of November, INBTWN will follow the artist’s ongoing research and will progressively host new artworks, allowing users to dive into Bondone’s visual imaginary while guiding the audience to a streaming performance taking place on the 1st of December. The project and the event programme will end with a talk featuring the artist in conversation with curator Claudia D’Alonzo and curator and Nao Performing Festival co-director Maria Paola Zedda.

Bondone stems also from Mara Oscar Cassiani’s participation in the 2019 edition of Trentino Brand New. An annual project by Centrale Fies, Trentino Brand New is dedicated to the training and designing of unconventional ways to narrate and communicate the local territory, and is curated by Elisa Di Liberato and Virginia Somadossi for Centrale Fies and Fies Core.

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